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5 Ways You Can Avoid Industrial Refrigeration Repairs

Posted by Tim Foster on 21-Apr-2022 12:41:00

Industrial refrigeration repairs are often extremely costly and disrupting for your business. Repairs can necessitate a great deal of downtime, as well as wasted staff resources, spoiled food items and other costs. It is only natural for businesses to seek to avoid repairs - and put them off -for as long as possible. However, there comes a point when repairs are impossible to put off, which is why you need a reliable servicing partner on your side that can get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Cold Room Installation For Retail Businesses – What's Involved?

Posted by Tim Foster on 02-Mar-2022 09:45:00

Commercial cold rooms can be anything from small cupboard-sized units to massive walk-in rooms or storage facilities. Typically, they are beneficial for many different types of businesses as products often need to be kept at specific temperatures. However, one thing that’s never really talked about in detail is the installation process. The main reason for this is that it varies from case to case, with many installations depending on a multitude of variables that are uncontrollable.

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What Type of Industrial Freezer Is Best for My Application?

Posted by Tim Foster on 23-Feb-2022 11:49:00

Finding the right industrial freezer for your business is essential because different types of commercial freezers can do vastly different things. If you are not 100% certain on what you need then guidance is recommended as it can be challenging to find the best industrial freezer suited to your specific requirements. We work closely with Foster Refrigerator to provide our freezers. There are four main types, which are as follows.

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Mitsubishi Warranties Available For 7 Years On  Electric Air Conditioning Systems

Posted by Tim Foster on 16-Feb-2022 10:00:00

Our Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems now offer even better value for money with a Seven Year extended manufacturer’s parts warranty. This means that buying your Mitsubishi Electric systems through ACE Services provides a level of peace of mind and affordability you may not find through all suppliers.

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What Steps Should You Take To Determine The Size Of Your Office Air Conditioning Unit?

Posted by Tim Foster on 26-Jan-2022 09:46:00

Heated discussions in the office are great for the business process as long as the employees are not sweating their socks off. A good, correctly sized office air conditioning system is one of the key factors which make staff and visitors comfortable. The more people that use the room, the higher the demand for cooling power. Without physical comfort, it’s hard to strive for optimum service delivery.

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How To Check If Your Industrial Air Conditioning Unit Has Been Installed Correctly

Posted by Tim Foster on 05-Jan-2022 10:20:00

The improper installation of an industrial air conditioning system can cause long-term maintenance issues. It can also impede the efficiency of the unit, making it more expensive to run. The best way to avoid common problems such as blown fuses, intermittent airflow, water leaks and unusual noise with your system is to check to make sure it’s been correctly installed.

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Commercial Refrigeration Service: Why Is This Important?

Posted by Tim Foster on 01-Dec-2021 14:33:00


Often, getting your refrigeration systems serviced feel like something you must do, rather than something that’s significant as a money saving tactic. Usually, it can end up being on the to-do list for several weeks or months. While maintenance usually refers to preserving the condition of a system, servicing is slightly different. Servicing refers to preventing breakdown and keeping your system performing its intended function.

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Don't Get Caught Out By A 2022 Summer Heatwave: Install New Air Conditioning Now!

Posted by Tim Foster on 23-Nov-2021 10:10:00

The past few summers included several blisteringly hot weeks, with a noticeable impact on offices and schools around the country. With summers becoming ever more erratic, it is easy to expect that summer 2022 may bring even more powerful heat waves. These heat waves can place heavy demands on office environments, with businesses struggling to keep up with their cooling requirements. They are also unpredictable, making them difficult to plan for. The heat waves in the spring/summer months of May, July and August this year, we saw a spike in demand for new systems AND an increase in emergency repair requests as old systems failed under increased pressure.

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Air Conditioning Survey: What Is Involved?

Posted by Tim Foster on 10-Nov-2021 15:00:00

To determine your precise air conditioning requirements and avoid any issues during installation, we offer all our customers a free site survey. This not only helps you get the best value for money from your air conditioning system, but also avoids many of the common problems people experience with air-conditioning – most of which can be traced back to insufficient preparation prior to installation.

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What You Should Consider When Buying An Industrial Refrigerator

Posted by Tim Foster on 20-Oct-2021 11:00:00

Do you need cold storage or freezer space for food prep or storing sensitive items? If so you need a good refrigerating unit. Whether you are planning to buy your first freezer or thinking about taking your commercial refrigeration to the next level, you need to consider a few things you may have never thought of.

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