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Is Commercial Refrigeration Repair Avoidable Through Regular Maintenance?

Posted by Tim Foster on 16-Jan-2018 16:20:00

Having to have your refrigeration repaired is often a costly and stressful time, and it’s frequently due to something that was overlooked: regular maintenance. Of course, you may be reading this and be thinking “my fridges/freezers are fine! I haven’t had it maintained in X months/years!”

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Announcing Our New Free Guide To Commercial Refrigeration Systems And Chillers!

Posted by Tim Foster on 11-Jan-2018 16:53:02

We are proud to announce our new e-book, which goes into detail about commercial refrigeration systems, chillers and cold rooms. Chillers and cold storage areas are used in a wide range of industries, from warehouses to restaurants, universities and hospitals. At ACE Services we supply high-quality refrigeration systems from some of the best manufacturers around the world, all at highly competitive prices. Our engineers are trained and qualified to work on a wide range of systems, including the full catalogue of Mitsubishi Electric & Foster Refrigerator hardware. We also offer planned preventative maintenance – regular servicing that can give an early diagnosis of faults and help extend the life of your system, and of course, emergency repairs should the worst happen.

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Warranties On New Air Conditioning Systems From ACE Services

Posted by Tim Foster on 03-Jan-2018 10:35:12

As substantial investments, we feel it is important that new air conditioning systems are covered by comprehensive warranties. This gives you peace of mind that the installation is protected should any problems be detected, and any parts can be replaced at no additional cost.

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How Long Does Commercial Refrigeration Installation Take?

Posted by Tim Foster on 27-Dec-2017 11:25:00

When getting anything new installed on commercial premises, it’s natural to want to know how long it will take to be installed. However, with something as complicated as commercial refrigeration, it can be very difficult to predict. This is mainly due to the fact we install our products to the highest standards – and there are quite a few variables to consider.

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Merry Christmas!

Posted by Tim Foster on 21-Dec-2017 16:16:30

Merry Xmas from all of the team here at ACE Services! Thanks for reading our blog this year, and we wish you a happy new year!

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Don't Get Caught Out By A 2018 Summer Heatwave: Install New Air Conditioning Now!

Posted by Tim Foster on 20-Dec-2017 10:10:00

The summer of 2017 included several blisteringly hot weeks, with a noticeable impact on offices and schools around the country. With summers becoming ever more erratic, it is easy to expect that summer 2018 may bring even more powerful heat waves. These heat waves are short – normally lasting less than a week – but place heavy demands on office environments, with businesses struggling to keep up with their cooling requirements. They are also unpredictable, making them difficult to plan for. The heat waves in May, July and August this year saw a spike in demand for new systems AND an increase in emergency repair requests as old systems failed under increased pressure.

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What Is Involved In An Air Conditioning Survey?

Posted by Tim Foster on 12-Dec-2017 11:20:00

To determine your precise air conditioning requirements and avoid any issues during installation, we offer all our customers a free site survey. This not only helps you get the best value for money from your air conditioning system, but also avoids many of the common problems people experience with air-conditioning – most of which can be traced back to insufficient preparation prior to installation.

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How to Choose an Air Conditioning System for Schools & Colleges

Posted by Tim Foster on 04-Dec-2017 11:04:23

Choosing an air conditioning system for an academic setting is a different challenge to selecting a commercial A/C system. This is because schools and colleges are large buildings – often spread across multiple sites – and have various needs at different times of the day. This requires a bespoke approach to air-conditioning design and a careful selection of A/C products.

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Why Choose Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Products For Commercial Air Conditioning?

Posted by Tim Foster on 03-Oct-2017 10:33:22

Among air conditioning manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric are a byword for quality and reliability. Their systems are recommended as the equipment of choice by many consultants, architects and air conditioning installation contractors, including ourselves. Why is this, when there are many other cheaper alternatives on the market?

Here are the five big reasons why a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning system provides unbeatable value for money in almost any commercial, public or private building.

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5 Distinct Features of Top Mitsubishi Electric Commercial Air Conditioning Systems That Make All the Difference

Posted by Tim Foster on 26-Jul-2017 11:30:00

When it comes to air conditioning systems for commercial premises, Mitsubishi Electric has become an extremely popular choice. The quality, value, and features that come with systems from this long-standing manufacturer make Mitsubishi Electric the preferred option with many facilities managers. Mitsubishi Electric offers access to a wide variety of Air Conditioning systems to suit various needs and budgets. This makes it far easier to find a quality Air Conditioning system that is perfect for your commercial premises.

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