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6 Key Questions To Ask A Refrigeration Company About Their Industrial Cooling Systems Before You Buy

Posted by Tim Foster on 23-Feb-2018 12:30:29

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When buying a new industrial cooling system, it is essential to get it from a reputable company. Sadly, it can be incredibly difficult to tell if the company you are buying from is legitimate or not and even more difficult to know if you are getting the best value for money.

Here are six important questions to ask before you make an investment decision:

1) What Types Of Services Do You Provide?

Most refrigeration companies advertise the services they provide and are happy to discuss them, but this is an incredibly useful question to ask if you are unsure if they offer the service that you require.

2) What Products Do You Offer?

This question is important to ask if you need a specific product, or need advice about good quality manufacturers. Some companies get products from different suppliers and may not have the product you need, but may be able to recommend an alternative product if necessary.

Asking this is also important because not all cooling systems were created equal. Some brands are better than others and some equally good brands are better suited to different purposes than others. For example, a manufacturer may produce excellent value cold rooms, while their retail refrigeration systems are more expensive than alternative manufacturers with the same capacity. A knowledgeable business will be able to guide you to the right choice.

3) What Would You Recommend For My Company?

Often, a reputable company will be able to recommend something for you based on your business needs and available space. If you have a good idea of what you need, we will be able to advise something based on your goals and budgetary constraints. There is an industrial cooling system for everyone; it is just a matter of matching your company with the right one.

4) Why Should I Choose Your Company Over A Competitor?

As a business, you can be faced with a choice between many companies. Often many of these companies offer similar products for vastly differing prices. Questions like this are right to make sure if you are getting the best service available. Companies can often provide reasons for this, such as value for money or a bespoke service. These are all excellent reasons – invite a business to give you their ‘elevator pitch’!

5) What Maintenance Contracts Do You Offer?

Often, refrigeration companies offer regular maintenance contracts to keep your systems functional. Maintenance is critical and so is getting the right price for maintenance cover for your systems. As well as routine maintenance and servicing, a good refrigeration company will also be able to offer prompt emergency repairs and spare parts when necessary, at reasonable prices.

6) What’s Involved In An Installation?

Installations can differ from place to place. However, most companies should at least be able to describe the most basic things that happen during an installation. Often, an installation schedule will be set up so that your business is not interrupted. Seek out a company that can carry out the installation on your terms to reduce downtime, or at the very least is open to compromise on their installation schedule.

Making The Right Choice

Asking questions like this can help determine if you are getting the best value for money from a refrigeration systems company. An attentive customer service team will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. Personal rapport and professionalism go a long way in a supply partnership, so if possible conduct so your enquiries by phone rather than solely by email. By speaking to a professional in person, you will get a good feel for their commitment to customer service and then eligibility.

Find Out More

To find out more, please call us on 01296 428 783. Our team are always more than willing to chat through any questions you have. You can also download our Commercial Refrigeration Guide by clicking here The e-book is a free resource sets out the different types of commercial refrigeration system, how much you should spend and what maintenance requirements each one has.

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