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A Quick Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist To Help You Avoid Unforeseen Costs

Posted by Tim Foster on 02-Dec-2016 15:25:00

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The best way to avoid unforeseen costs with your commercial air conditioning system is to have planned preventative maintenance or PPM in place. This will ensure that your AC equipment remains in top working order and that any issues are addressed before they can cause your system to fail.

What Is The Purpose Of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?

Part of the purpose of PPM is to lengthen the life of your AC systems. It’s also done to ensure that your systems remain energy efficient and doesn’t cost you unnecessary money in the long run. PPM also ensures that the air conditioning in your facility has as little environmental impact as possible.

Preventative maintenance also optimises your system in terms of increased uptime, ensuring it is there for you when you need it most. PPM can ensure that the air quality and comfort of your employees is maintained, and that any risk of system breakdown is reduced. Finally, preventative maintenance confirms compliance with industry and government regulations.

Tasks On The Air Conditioning PPM Checklist

Different companies will offer different preventative maintenance packages. However, nearly all of them will include the following areas of inspection. These are all included in the PPM packages we offer at ACE Services.

Filter Inspection

Your system’s air filters are an important contributing factor to the overall air quality in your office or facility. If the air filters are clogged with dirt, they are unable to filter as effectively. As well, dirty filters force your system to work harder, which can cause strain on system components resulting in further damage which may result in expensive repairs.

Ideally, the air filters in your system should be cleaned/changed quarterly for Heating & Cooling systems or every six months for cooling only systems, however, it will be how frequently you use the system that determines the how frequently your filters are cleaned/changed . Permanent filters will require vacuuming or washing, whereas disposable filters need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The manufacturer of your equipment will give you the information needed for the proper care of your air filters.

Air Outlet Cleaning

Just as with your system’s filters, its air outlets also require regular cleaning because they too can become clogged with dust that can force your system to work harder than it needs to. The cleaning and dusting of air outlets is another common task undertaken by air conditioning companies when carrying out preventive maintenance. Air outlets and louvres should also be checked to ensure proper operation.

Evaporator & Condensing Unit Coils

The evaporator and condensing unit coils are the parts of the system where most of the work is done. If your coils become clogged or dirty this will inhibit system performance and put strain on system components. Therefore, assuring clean and clear coils is another common focus of preventive maintenance. Dirt, dust or other contaminants should be removed through wiping, brushing, vacuuming or blowing the coils out with compressed air or if very dirty using a proprietary chemical coil cleaner at every PPM visit to ensure optimal and energy efficient system function.

F-Gas Leak Checking

The level of refrigerant gas in your system is an important item on the air conditioning checklist. A leak test needs to be conducted every year for any AC system having more than the equivalent of 5 Tonnes of CO2 of refrigerant based on that particular refrigerants Global Warming Potential (GWP). Why is leak testing important? Because leaking refrigerant can damage the environment and in severe cases harm those who work in your facility. Also, if your systems are loosing refrigerant they will potentially damage system components and eventually stop working altogether.

There Is No Match For A Professional

Although you may be tempted to conduct preventive maintenance yourself, the best way to ensure that a professional job is done is to call a company like ACE Services. Our engineers know where and how to check each area, as well as how to properly set the system up and get it running as efficiently as possible. There are many items that our experts check on a PPM service visit. For a full list, please contact our team on 01296 428783.

Leave Your System’s Maintenance to the Experts

Even when you’ve hired a professional, you will want to know that the job is being done right. ACE Services have created a free resource called The Commercial Air Conditioning Assessment Checklist. Whether you want professional maintenance advice or just want to ensure your system is installed properly, this guide will help. Just click here to download your copy.

The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

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The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

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