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Commercial Cold Room Installation For Retail Businesses – What's Involved?

Posted by Tim Foster on 26-Mar-2018 11:00:59

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Commercial cold rooms can be anything from small cupboard-sized units to massive walk-in rooms or storage facilities. Typically, they are beneficial for many different types of businesses as products often need to be kept at specific temperatures. However, one thing that’s never really talked about in detail is the installation process. The main reason for this is that it varies from case to case, with many installations depending on a multitude of variables that are uncontrollable.

Choosing The Right Cold Room For You

Our friendly customer service team will help you find the right cold room to suit your company’s needs. We supply lots of different types of cold rooms, so you do not need to worry about whether we will have the right kind for you or not! Often, businesses can benefit from walk-in cold rooms as it allows for the ability to store items at differing temperatures depending on their need. However, it is always best to talk this over with our customer service team.

Setting Up A Schedule

As cold rooms are incredibly complex machines that require precise installation, it can be difficult to give time estimates for the installation. However, before anything else, we discuss an installation schedule with you to make sure that it suits your needs. Setting up a schedule ensures that we do not arrive to install your cold room unexpectedly or at a time that isn’t convenient for you. Schedules also allow us to plan out work and give you a rough time estimate on how long we think it will take to get your cold room installed.

The Installation

Installation is a bespoke service handled by our trained engineers, this not only involves fitting the refrigeration system but also building the insulated structure and integrating a power source. Cold rooms are installed on site and installation times can vary depending on the size of the cold room. However, small units can be installed in less than a day. Our trained engineers make sure that everything is explained to you entirely, hopefully leaving no confusion for you or your company.

Setting It Up For You

Our engineers will then make sure that everything is working correctly and set up the cold room for you, so there’s no guesswork involved for you or your company. Of course, we also aim to prevent disruption to your business as much as possible.

Tidying Up

Once the installation has concluded, we tidy up after ourselves. Setup can leave lots of mess, and some companies may just leave it behind. We are not one of those companies. Our engineers aim to leave your premises as spotless as it was before we arrived.

A Final Word

Of course, our installation services are bespoke and can often vary depending on the size and location of your business. However, we aim to make installation as painless as possible because we understand that having something new installed can often be extremely stressful for you and your company.

Our Free Commercial Refrigeration Guide

Please get in touch by phone or email to find out more about our installation services. To help you make the right decision when buying a commercial cold room, please take a look at our Commercial Refrigeration Guide, a free e-book which can be downloaded by clicking here.

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