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How To Choose The Right Restaurant Refrigerator That Won't Let You Down!

Posted by Tim Foster on 03-Apr-2018 12:56:37

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Refrigerator That Won't Let You Down-1

Choosing a refrigerator for your restaurant can be one of the most stressful tasks, fraught with uncertainty. The refrigerator is an essential part of the restaurant but is often overlooked until it needs maintenance, or worse, breaks. There are many types of refrigerators, all with different capabilities. There are 4 different types of cold rooms and 4 types of freezers! If this sounds complicated, don’t worry- It’s not. I’ll break it down for you, so you can find the right refrigerator for your restaurant.

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are just that; rooms that are intentionally kept chilled. In a restaurant setting, this is usually for bulk food preservation, or for some preparation areas. They range in size, from your average cupboard-sized cold room to an entire room, all with varying temperatures. 

1) Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold rooms are small, panel-based cold rooms designed to be easy to assemble on site. These modules can usually fit any available space and can be linked together.

2) Combi Cold Rooms

Combi cold rooms are cold rooms with internal divisions allowing for different temperature ranges in the same unit. This is great if you need to store multiple things, such as frozen meat and dairy because of those both needing different storage temperatures.

3) Walk-In Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms are large enough for one or more people to manoeuvre around in. Sometimes, they also have space for you to enter with a small vehicle or transport cart if needed.

4) Industrial Cold Rooms

These are extremely large storage rooms, designed to keep a large amount of goods chilled at once. These often include entrance areas for forklift trucks and pallet storage areas. Some large restaurant chains and food halls might need cold rooms of this size, but most don’t have either the need or the space.


Freezers are everywhere in daily life. You’ve probably at least looked at one today if you haven’t used one. They store food and non-edible products at freezing temperatures (from -16°C to -50°C) to keep them from perishing. We supply 4 types of commercial freezer suitable for restaurants.

1) Cabinets

We supply both full height standing and under counter freezer cabinets with a choice of size and shelving to suit nearly any purpose. With many models you can choose whether the door opens to the left or right.

2) Counters

Counters are versatile and robust refrigerated prep stations suitable for food preparation in restaurants. You often get a choice of sizing and refrigerant. However, it would be best to seek advice from our customer service team if you are thinking of getting a counter. They will be able to help you find the best one to suit your needs.

3) Blast Chillers & Freezers

Blast chillers / freezers are chillers that cool food to a low temperature to prevent ice crystals forming in the food when frozen – essential for storing pre-prepared meals and desserts. We supply many different units with high energy efficiency.

4) Display Cabinets

Display cabinets of different sizes are suitable for displaying food, snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks in restaurants. They’re reliable and extremely quiet. Economically speaking, they have a small carbon foot print and are cost-effective to run.

Now that I’ve given you a rundown of the main refrigeration products we offer, you may need to have a think to decide which product is best for your situation. If you need any advice, our customer service team are happy to help.

The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

If you need more advice, our team at ACE Services wrote a free eBook called The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist. Hopefully, it’ll help answer a lot of your questions. For example, it’ll let you know if you’re getting good value for money with your current supplier and if you’re compliant with legislation it’s completely free and it could save you so much money.

If you’re interested, you can also request a free copy of our Mitsubishi Electric brochure to get more information about their market leading range of refrigeration products.

If you need more advice about refrigeration system would suit your restaurant, you can always call us for advice on 01296 428783 or ask us for a quote through our website. We’re always happy to help.

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