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7 Year Warranties Available On Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems

Posted by Tim Foster on 17-Apr-2019 10:00:00

Our Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems now offer even better value for money with a Seven Year extended manufacturer’s parts warranty. This means that buying your Mitsubishi Electric systems through ACE Services provides a level of peace of mind and affordability you may not find through all suppliers.

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Introducing The Mitsubishi MELCloud: Control Your Company’s AC System From Your Phone

Posted by Tim Foster on 18-May-2017 14:10:00

It is important for any work environment to be comfortable for those working within it. Places such as retail premises, offices, hotels, and restaurants – to name but a few – can get very hot and stuffy, particularly during the summer months. This is why air conditioning is so vital, as it enables you to create a comfortable environment for both staff and visitors or customers. This means that employees are likely to be more productive and customers are likely to want to spend more time at the premises. All of this adds up to huge benefits for businesses.

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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems: Long Term Value & Quality

Posted by Tim Foster on 11-May-2017 10:50:00


It is important for all commercial premises to have a good, efficient air conditioning system in place. AC systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable environment and for businesses to increase productivity amongst employees. There are many different air conditioning models and brands that you can choose from these days. However, it is vital that you choose a system that offers not only value for money but also great quality and efficiency.

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Fujitsu Vs Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning – Which Is Best For My Building & Why?

Posted by Tim Foster on 04-May-2017 14:15:53


Some readers who are old enough may remember some of the big WWF set piece wrestling matches from the 90s – Hulk Hogan versus The Undertaker or something similar; or maybe Bruno versus Tyson in boxing? This is the sort of thing we are discussing when writing about Fujitsu versus Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning: a head-to-head comparison between two of the giants in the industry.

Both manufacturers have a reputation for making some fantastic systems, so which option is best for your building? Here we’ll give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both in different areas of performance, before giving our own opinion.

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Control Your Air Conditioning From Your Smart Phone - With Mitsubishi MELCloud

Posted by Tim Foster on 27-Apr-2017 17:06:37

Mitsubishi Electric have always been one of our favourite manufacturers to work with, and for good reason. Their air conditioning systems are robust and innovative, taking advantage of all the latest technologies as they come onto the market. With Mitsubishi MELCloud, Mitsubishi Electric AC systems have become even more convenient and sophisticated.

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