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What To Ask Your Commercial Air Conditioning Company In Milton Keynes Before They Install Your System

Posted by Tim Foster on 16-Aug-2016 16:30:00


It’s hard to keep your cool when working conditions fall above or below the optimum temperature for productivity. By installing a modern air conditioning system, you’ll create a comfortable environment and a happier workplace. You could also benefit from reduced costs, by upgrading to a more efficient system with lower energy consumption.

With so many services and companies to choose from that serve Milton Keynes, there are three vital areas you should discuss with a commercial air conditioning company before deciding to install a new air conditioning systems.

Demonstrating an understanding of your unique workplace

The company you’re considering to install your air conditioning system must evaluate the size, layout and purpose of every area. This is vital for maintaining a good air flow and consistent temperature. Poorly installed, inadequately sized or incorrectly positioned systems will result in hot or cold areas and frustrated workers. In the worst case scenario, you could face expensive problems caused by poor ventilation, such as mould and condensation. You should ask your chosen supplier to demonstrate how their recommended systems account for the specific needs of your business, personnel and the heat load within each area.

Servicing and Maintenance

Air conditioning is an investment in the long term wellbeing, comfort and productivity of your employees. A system should have a lifespan of approximately ten to fifteen years. Regular maintenance and servicing will keep your air conditioning working efficiently and help reduce energy consumption and performance, so it’s important to discuss the options available for ongoing support. Ensure SLA’s meet the needs of your business, with swift access to parts and an agreement for how regularly the units will be cleaned. It’s also important to discuss how the engineers will work around staff, clients and equipment to maintain professionalism and health and safety standards during the working day.

Legislation Compliance

Advances in heating and cooling technology mean legislation is an ever changing landscape. It is your responsibility to ensure your building complies with European Directives and UK law. Failure to demonstrate compliance could result in fines or prosecution. Ensure your chosen supplier meets F-Gas Regulations, which covers the fluorinated greenhouse gases commonly found in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Request to see certification for every engineer responsible for installing, maintaining and servicing the system. Depending on the amount of refrigerant used within your system, you must ensure that leak checks are carried out at the correct intervals, and that records are maintained on site and accessible for inspection by the authorities.

The Energy Performance Building Directive requires a TM44 energy inspection if your building has an air conditioning capacity over 12kw. If your current system is over ten years old and you are seeking a third party to provide ongoing maintenance and servicing, you should also discuss R22 Phase Out.

It’s worth evaluating local companies as well as larger organisations for SLA response times and for additional flexibility with price negotiations. If you follow the three steps above, choosing the right air conditioning company for your business shouldn’t make you blow hot and cold.

Assessing your air conditioning system

To help you assess the overall health of your A/C system and what improvements can be made, we have written a free ‘Commercial Air Conditioning Assessment Checklist’. You can download the checklist as an eBook from our website by clicking here.

The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

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The Commercial Air Conditioning Checklist

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